School safety is an issue that is deeply personal to Shawn. As a father of three children who attended Coral Spings public schools and as a longtime principal of J.P. Taravella High School, Shawn has seen firsthand the response to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Tragedy. School safety improvements can not be solely addressed by the city commission. It requires cooperation between our community, school board, law enforcement and legislators, which is why Shawn is uniquely qualified to address this issue. Through Shawn’s years of educational service to the community, he has built lasting relationships with the policy-makers who will work alongside him to improve school safety and student mental health.


As Coral Springs grows, our aging infrastructure needs to be maintained. Shawn will be a proactive voice on the Commission and will continuously look for ways we can improve our roads, as Coral Springs faces rising population and traffic. When elected, Shawn will ensure that the city’s aging utility services continue to meet the needs of a growing city.


As cities around it grow and change, Shawn will make sure that Coral Springs does not get left behind. When considering new developments, Shawn is not afraid to ask tough questions to ensure that potential developments add value to our community, expand our tax base, and create high quality jobs for our residents. Shawn understands the importance of proper city planning, and will expertly negotiate details of proposed developments in order to establish Coral Springs as an attractive destination for residents and business.